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What are these dreams...
they call to me at night

They whisper in my ear...
words I cannot hear

and I don't understand.

A million messages I see swirling around I'm lost in
it's pattern I cannot decipher.

My dreams, what do they mean. I see your face as if it were yesterday.
In my dreams we laugh as friends when everything's okay.
These dreams they tell me stories intertwined in rythyms
Only in waking the real twist is lies.

Noting more I could miss from unrealistic bliss behind
shadows, curtians, viels and masks

Why do things like this change
in my head is a haunting.
I'm tired of this place
Reckless alone with all my years
Tear filled memories come crashing in.
I've tried to blur you out of all my fears
I've pour rain into my very soul
Entire cleansing my complete being
Your essense still resignates
I cannot move on with this life
While you haunt me even in my sleep

I've tried to wash you all away
Why do you stay?
When your the one that turned away
I've burned you through
Given you up to the universe
I've called on the heavens
Still you linger here
Why wont it leave me alone
Free these bonds that bind

Release these ties you ignore
That you left long ago
I fight for mere freedom there
Of a ghost in my head
In choking tears I asked
Skiddng off to nowhere
You still have all of me
Praying that you let go
I need a little more air

Maybe sometime
If you'd forgiven me.
Mixed and flitered
Everything is not the same
Not going back
Vanishing from within
Uncovering mindful blindness
What is gone will never grow
I'll lose my mind
To review and mold
All those things you asked of me
I'll give to another
Erasing myself and all I made
Just to show a masquerade
Such beautiful friendships
I'm castaway

Cherry blossoms fall
Left with nothing

All that is I must admit
That in my heart I can't rid of it
Inside my tears
I cry each time
Friendship like this
Once a lifetime

Chimes they ring
Inside my mond

I only think
I've wronged this time

Beautiful friendships
Such as this
Flicker lights is swift movements
Twitch and Twitch
I'll Say it once, I'm not afraid
I do miss them more each day.
Cleansing myself on unwanted matter
Tattered in a door way of emptiness
Reclean me entirely
I Fight for all this time

I choose to let go of
All we can build on
My relentlessness is exhuasting my years
Why does the flower fold without sun

When can the rain renew a year of cold.
The desert lies within my hands
I search the sahara in your eyes
Finding nothing resting in the void.
I don't know when the sun started to fade
Trees burned down into hollow graves
breath became a pit of hearth

Tears as rain in heaping sobs
Feeling the drag as regrets pour in
I had to walk away

Fighting away such angers
New walls crumble before me
Walking backwards to face the future

Worlds of mirrors locked in senseless reflection
The past acts like a anchor
I'm drifting in tiny circles

Desperate to cut the chains
Gravity is gravity
When love was never enough

You know I never meant to hurt you
What you choose to ignore
Now haunts my dreams

Some things cannot be read
Some dreams weren't meant to die
This life is my own

Nothing for you two to make fun of
Cross your fingers before you die
Promise never to breathe again

Blindly losing my since
Forgive me now, forget it later
What can't be undone

Why carry passion and anger for
Dead weight, my fingers lose feeling
My taste for blood.

The sun dies and trees burn holes
Haunts and spooks in midday
Why build just to tear away...
One wall stands before me
One crossroad on the other side
Two choices to make
Two times the love and pain

The mixture crossed in the fog
Feeling aimless drifting like a shooting star
Traveling like a wanderer
Finding empty overturned stones

Hollow until I dreamed a dream
Is this just some illusion
Where roses bloom
Clouds billow with whispering wind in rain

Where your shadow is in my hands then disappears
Rays of sunshine flicker and I am awear
Dreams are dreams not cloth of tangable seams
I am falling, help me to breathe

In misty windows I reach from
Rooms filled with leaves
I see his figure staring back at me
My dreams, reality in the works filtering with a tapestry of life.
All because, you push
When your should let go
Because your angry
When you should show love
Because your words are daggers
My cosmos have no shield for

Because your unrelenting
Non subsiding distance retresting
Cages can't bury walls set in stones
Like towers growing around
Your vineyards, your blossoms die.
Glided wind underneath brave wings

Fires burn behind trails frightened
Shadows grow bleak in shear dessolation
Disillusioned child if yesterdays
Fearce spirit walker she aims no pleasures
Two seconds more you'll see every piece
She leaves you standing there, empty.

In a spiral tumbling through wind
Gravity is a factor turn around only to
run into the same walls again holding on fighting for air
Do it all again, no change from day to day
The beaten rythym knocking you down
From the cells and chains
Feel in under your skin, sinking in past making you stay

One in the same little time for change
See the world anew theres more beyond just you
Moving on is one step to far fear of falling
Free of endless spiral deep abyss
Beauty holds out her hands facing Fate, facing
What to seek, what is lost
In truth of time, lies drag like bells around your feet

Something to reach to out of touch
Windows, glimpses of reality
Where to go gravity's anchor
Pulling you in down lost in all tried
Spirals in your center the world wheels around
That you were falling from the world
As aimless as a shooting star


Give me something
Midnight flashes, a clock strikes
Things you never knew
Lay hidden behind you
What your heart hides from you

The gentle touch of your hand
The look in your eyes see me,
I feel everything I see you, not like before

The words flowing from your lips
I know of that which is true
I take in the light a vail that surronds you

The moment the earth stops
Everytime you touch me
In sparkling meadows I followed my own heart

In my dreams one can wish for such beauty
A gift of inner calm more than can be touched
I filter from that reality

Never with wholesome belief
That a soul such as yours exist
In dreams I am surrounded by falling cherry blossoms

To wake in mid drift and know
All that was seen is real, here.
In my arms, this is no dream.
In the face of time
In the heart of men
To her that which dies so slowly
To the abyss of you
On a day so empty To scavengers and theives.

Wrong places, in the core of a soul
Beauty's dreams lost in corners
Fear to tred new changes
Hearts flutter on the back of bullets with wings

To not walk down this path.
To walk this path
Whirlwinds could carry the seeds of my soul
Till all that is left is my core.

Good deeds frozen in the space of you
A broken memory with faded painted posies
Winds blow in, you can hear them say
Passed this hallway on the corner

He is there waiting for you
My mask falls to the floor
With ribbons undone and mixtures of rain
Just another desperate illision.
Locked in deserts
Passions losing hunger
Losing herself in hunger

Deserts leaving all empty
Lost in the harsh wind
Of your laden tongue

Cruel worlds spue from within
Only some see the faults
She wants to live without

Desert of Words
Leaving all dilapidated
They'll never see

Pages to turn back
Life in reverse
What can never be

Dry bleak denouement
Adverting all solutions
Qwench not thy thurst

She climbs, and she falls,
She stalls, and she cries,
She is kicked, and she's up again.

This is a side of which you'll never see
The desert, is the beginning
and the end.
All letters and words flee,
Misfit, reaching in vain
Losing self control
To go again same as before
Constance though it isn't

What to long for, waiting
What do you want
Someday she'll find a miracle
It's coming like the dawn
See you there

Dreamed once maybe, on the other side of this looking glass
Only dreamed
You fly above the days touched
With tiny fingertips
See you, there

Healing, healing me, with or without you
She is who she is, like it or not
She'll be no one you think
There are sides of which you'll never see
Maybe just a dream

Here in her head she sees, joy is like pain
Secret Pearls
There is lies
Beauty, Sorrow, in sacred trusts
It wont be like before

When one steps in, the other nothing
The world is calling to her now, nothing stays the same
Everything moves
Everything changes
Another world will come for you now, it says

Keep it together, or fall down like rain
Never could see it like this before
Holding on she goes, lost in one day
Don't drown here, moving rain
Maybe it is only a dream
Poetry Hasn't exactly been flowing from me fibers latly evertime I try I get splat. I have been too focused on other things Which has been driving me nuts.

So heres a lame attempt to put my mind at ease. And some may say why does it matter. But It's because my poetry is my major out. Once I right it down like this It doesn't have the same effect on me as it did before the sentances formed. It meaning my life issues.

Beauty in Trust
Tattles on the Heart
Was that my heart?
Moving time, even clouds spin
What feels, what is felt
No longer the same
So it seems I wanted this
She cannot move moons
Nor does she try
Beyond her eyes, but in her hands
Dead flowers renew
What is, what was
Everything has changed
No longer feel the same
Bright sky in dark twilights
Rivers end, ebbs, flows
Discovering within
All wounds have healed.
Day Dream
Desire unfulfilled

There you left her standing there
Lost with no home
No place to find herself
Hunger building in her sacred land

She searches for the stars to tell her secrets
They have no answers, and she knows it
Where could she have gone to?
This little girl with a story

Colorful world turned in darkness
Across the desert lies your scattered fortress
No trumpets has she to tear down the highest tower
Do not believe you can break her

Blindly you run after
She cuts you down, she’ll not play anymore
She is stronger than the desert heat
The harsh wind cannot defeat

Elements of trust, water beside her
Where else would it turn to?
Now it’s too late she’s left you
Stormy nights no longer leave her in shear desolation
What I am
Reflection on the water.
Pale moons
In the light
A dance of calming meditation

A picture of you set in my head
The things we dream about
Untouched by our mortal hands
A fever burning beneath your cherry tree.

Is what I am
All that you see me as
A mask in hand
Is folly for the mind

She may be decieving
But rather a fading
Painted picture, in blues and grays
Flickering wind

What I yearn for
What I am, is not what you see
What I am not is the girl that appears before you
She dreams in silvery silouettes

Velvet mist under foot simple grave yard in flight

I see a peaceful pathway across your country side

Over flows your decision I am in fear I am not dividing


I have my wings left bleeding

Waiting for you, come to my shore.

Take me wind carry me, free me sun dry the days


New life and passion for freedom here

Inside my mind I hear, do you see the river coming?

I feel the change like a whirlpool


Facing south I spark the bright gray clouds

Winter comes my memories flood me

I walk the days of autumn believing in another day


A hundred years may pass; will I still feel the same?

The sunlight washes the old news

Lead me enchanted forest.


No one knows what’s inside of me

Can they see what is the real me

Pure and imperfect, faulted and unholy


Treat the butterfly with care

She is fragile and sensitive

Yet no one cares, she’ll break


Though she is strong

One day they say your day will come

Feel the thunder free from hunger


Drowning to free yourself

Burning underneath your cherry tree

She is the pearl your heart cannot see.


Give her, grieve for her, bleed for her, her innocence,

The child within, this diamond she is rare;

She is in her own color. The lightening spark


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Tatter my pages

Free minds in paradise

Grieve this day

A song died in the listless confusion


My winter is cold

But so is the spring

Breed new life into my being

Aimless wanderer become endowed


Timeless misfortune

Give to wistful winds

Pale moon falling over your caress

Just looking into the eyes of fate.


She knew, as she whispered

“This day would come,”

Greeting it with a slight smile

Fare thee well, until you day is dawning


I’ll not mirror your convictions

Or dance your favorite part

I have no use for these vices

These games you called life


“Tomorrow will be a better day”

She silently promised to herself

Forward moving forward

Leaving all behind


Wipe the tears away

Someday, someday

You’ll forget about the ashes

Tattered heart dried in the sun


The moon may be bright and beautiful

So is the night

The stars, the sky

Bleed not from needles and thorns


“Cleanse me, please, cleanse me”

She cried in hard shaking sobs, leave her be

Breathe fair child of autumn’s fire

Just… Walk Away.

Passion as a rose

It hungers in temptation but with fear and pride

I give my life for a taste of such beauty

There yes swings the pendulum

Fill my soul with freedom bells

I give the heart to free the mind

There in lies the problem

To give, and give

With no return

I fear not my fate

But the emptyness that awaits


The fourth season was the passing

A time of trial and tribulation

The Monarch waited by the window

Listless fury in confessing

The days are number here my dear today

Can dream tomorrow with fears  

Bliss in perfect sanctuary

Morose on reflection


Play on words and toil through nights

I’ll hand them a single flower in blessing

And will not hang my head in shame

I have too much for yearn for

New brighter places will be

Journey to find the one

The one who is for me


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Shattering Window

The Colors of Shame

A Pale Sacrifice

Wither Away for Sanctity


Pain is my window

Don’t mistake it for clear colored glasses

Depth in beauty sweet roses of despair

Through it all, she holds you in high regard


Terrified of my own heart

Sheltering hallways

Grieve for him who has lost his way.

A song sung in the autumn of his blossom


Fixated fire within your hearts retreat

Bless the soul the one who breaks you into splinters

Feed my winds, give me wings

I’ll fly far from this day and the pain you gave


I need not, this story, my mystic enchantress

I need not your woe, your guns and bombs

Nor feed you and your fire

With perfect poison, with perfect potions


Shattering windows, the colors of your shame

Sanity in pale reflection sacrificing peace

How I long for perfect peace

Wither me the rose, wild with desolation.


In fire and heat

Lost in years with dessolation

Deeper dungeons

Hunger for tidal waves

Offer me your soul


Free Innocence

Seas of you

I lust for just one more.

Take me into your world

Fire burning under

Drowning in the gaze

leaving all bones weak

The way the rain falls

Touches the ground

The way it covers all

It floods and fills the soul


The way the fire burns

Run rapidly through the ground

The way it covers all

Sets a blaze inside the soul


The way the wind blows

Gushing over the ground

The way it covers all

Clears the insides of the soul


The way the Earth moves

Steady as is it the ground

They way it is all

Grounding the soul


Spark my elements into being

Create a likeness of it in me

Breathing let me be one

Not apart, but whole

Exotic dance
Entangled Possesion
Fueling my glowing fire
Entoxicating Jesters
Met with Unabiding Standoff
Wind of green lights, white rain.
Gentle kiss of fate
Flame of life
Burn desire into the shattered heart
River of rushing liquid diamonds
Garden of enchanted melody
To not wake me from this trance
let it linger
Floating in a dance to Shiva
Black vail mirrored heart
Feel this once more
She was waiting for a kiss

 I don't know why I chose to say goodbye, I'm terrified of what I might have served.
 Lashing inside my sea of youth
 Never learned to fly.
 Spend your life woundering why


~ ~ ~

Beautiful breeze, in an ocean of posies.
The flame surged through clear colored glasses
Rose blossoms in winter
A walk through enchanted forest
Left in wonder, gazing at the silver moon
Yes I feel this, my conviction is complete
It will grow there, lifting spirits
Free, deeply healing grand master of reiki
Relight the fire that spark her untold heart.
Here, my mystic impression

~White Rose~